HORECA is a manufacturing company of top of the bottom outdoor furniture.
Thanks to its 10-year work experience, HORECA is committed to diversify and enrich its production to meet its clients expectations.
Its production varies from the manufactured Techno Rattan to the weave furniture.
Thanks to our manufacturing technics we are considered the Tunisian leading company and we are highly recognized at the international level mainly in France, Italy,Malt, Spain, Morocco, Algeria….

– THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY : HORECA uses a high quality raw material for the manufacturing of its high quality products. We use a high quality monofilament which allows an optimal mechanical resistance and a sunbeam treatment. We offer a two-year warranty, in addition to that our after sales service is ready to answer all your questions ,suggestions and is ready to intervene when you ask for.

– THE DELIVERY SERVICE : HORECA provides its clients with a rapid delivery that respects the agreed time and depends on the order’s nature and consistency. As far as the export is concerned, our delivery date on site is fairly short and allow the clients to reduce their stock through better control of their supply.
Our Tunisian and foreign customers may at any time, be informed about the manufacturing and delivery state with the required speed and transparency.

– We provide the desired furniture that meet our customers’ expectations : To meet our client’s expectations, our company provides you with a highly qualified team to carry out your request to have a well-designed space.

– REDUCING SUBSIDIARY COSTS : Thanks to the Association Agreement concluded between Tunisia and the European Union concerning the Tunisian as well as the European products, HORECA offers its European customers taxes and customs duties exemption on imported products. In addition to that, our customers benefit from substantial savings for transportation costs as far as imported products from Asia are concerned.
In addition, we offer you a transport service that can handle all the formalities required to ensure delivery of our furniture directly on site or to your address.